Stone fruit innovation

About us

We are specialists in varietal innovation and stone fruit production, with peaches, flat peaches, apricots and nectarines being the main varieties we grow. We also develop new varieties such as flat nectarines, cherries, plums and even interspecific varieties. Our work consists in: breeding, selection, behaviour study, protection of our varieties, marketing and production.

Our strength: Being a hybrid breeder and producer. Thanks to this, we know the limitations of producers, while the demands of the market allow us to search for and create adapted varieties from planting to distribution.


At PSB, we manage and minimize the impact that out activity causes on our clients, employees and the environment.


Every production stage and new varieties’ creation stage are controlled by our team, thus ensuring the quality of our fruit, our varieties and our service.


Sustainability and the environment are also a priority for our company. Our commercial policy takes into account the environment and the consumer.

Our history

We are a family business that was established in 1989 in the Region of Murcia, in the South-East of Spain, when the Buffat family started conducting their business as stone fruit producers.

In 1998 the company started looking for new varieties. As growers, we had to face many challenges when trying to successfully cultivate varieties that were not best suited to the local climate, e.g. low chill winters. Being aware of the difficulties, we decided to develop a programme of variety improvement focused on the production of early varieties that could adapt to the Mediterranean climate, thus eliminating the climatologic barrier.

The success of our varieties, which need fewer chill hours, has allowed us to extend the calendar and we can now enjoy three types of varieties depending on their harvest period: early, seasonal and late varieties. These varieties are adapted to different production areas worldwide.

The company has always tried to come up with new varieties of stone fruit and by listening to the demands of the market, PBS Producción Vegetal has succeeded in becoming the leader in stone fruit varieties’ innovation.

We own over 450 hectares in Murcia, including our production, breeding and variety testing fields. Moreover, we conduct research worldwide with our own fields and through collaboration with other producers: in France, Spain, South Africa, Chile, etc.


Our team of highly-qualified professionals work every day to make this project possible.


The best way to choose a variety that is adapted to your production area is by visiting our variety testing fields or our collaborators’. Thanks to the possibility of an on-site visit, you would be able to see our trees, taste our fruit and give us your opinion.

A technician in charge will lead you through this visit and will provide advice and offer any additional information on every variety, so that you can make a decision based on the best possible information. You will receive advice on the best rootstock or other technical aspects such as the planting pattern, pruning or thinning.