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Company background

PSB Producción Vegetal SL is a family business that was established in 1995 by the BUFFAT family in Murcia (South-East of Spain).Our company stands out for being specialized in new stone fruit varieties’ creation, mainly apricots, peaches and nectarines. We are also stone fruit growers.

Our company was set up to solve a long-lasting problem. As growers, we faced many challenges when trying to reach our goal of successfully cultivating varieties that were not best suited to the local climate (i.e. low chill winters).
For this reason, twenty years ago, we decidedto develop a program of variety improvement focused on early varieties, with agronomic properties that would allow them to adapt perfectly to the Mediterranean climate, especially in terms ofchilling needs.

The success of our early -low chilling varieties has led us to develop awhole range. We have created three type of varieties depending on their harvest period: early, seasonal or late varieties.

Research is the key to PSB’s success

Our researches focus on the study ofself-fertile apricot varieties and stone fruit tolerance to some diseases, such as sharka,monilia and leaf curl.

Our latest researches have led to the recent launch of our range of red skinnedapricots called Red Premium®. In addition to developing a highly attractive colour, we took a new direction and worked on taste.We obtained very sweet, surprising flavours with a touch of both berry and exotic fruits.

We are currently working on a range of late apricots with our range Red Buffalo®. For this project, we have made a rigorous selection of self-fertile varieties, easy to work with, which stand out for their juicy flesh and outstandingtaste.

We are also developing other promising novelties: a range of red fleshed apricots with unique flavours and a range of yellow skinned nectarines,and blood nectarines, both sweet and aromatic witha melting and juicy flesh.

Our experience as growers ensures we can always implement improvements to the service we provide to growers and consumers.

The trustworthy relationship we share with many growers around the world is our main motivation and continues to drive us forward.

Do not miss our news

Despite the health crisis that we are struggling with, PSB continues to innovate.
We have planted 30.000 new early and seasonal hybrids on our Murcia´s field.

This year we have developed an