Flat shaped peaches

Clingstone type peaches are characterized by a slightly velvety skin, a firm and juicy flesh, adherent to the stone.
Its production in Europe is generally during the whole summertime period.
The clingstone type peaches are energetic fruits and have a high content of vegetal fibers and water. They also contain minerals, such as potassium and magnesium. Our range of peaches of this type consists of the following varieties: Smooty, Fiji, Palombaggia and Borneo.
Flat-shaped peaches are distinguished from other types of peaches by their characteristic shape, flattened and “bagel like”. Their stone is generally much smaller than other peaches. Their white or yellow flesh is also juicy and aromatic, with a very sweet flavor. Their production in Europe takes place during summertime. This type of peach is rich in vitamin A and C fibers. They provide minerals such as potassium and magnesium, as well as iodine.
Like the other peaches, they are digestible fruits, healthy and refreshing, whose fruity and flavored aromas are very appreciated by the gourmets.
Yellow flesh flat peaches: Divadona and Osiris
White-fleshed peaches: Zumba, Carioca, Samantha, Contessa, Caramba, Nirvana and Filoe.

Flat shaped peaches

  • Divadona


  • Osiris


  • Zumba


  • Carioca


  • Samantha


  • Caramba


  • Nirvana


  • Filoe


  • Contessa