PSB varieties in South Africa

We got news from Buffalo Fruit, our varieties’ distributor in South Africa. At the end of October, harvesting started in the area of Transvaal. Then it was the turn of the area of Cape City in November and December. After two weeks’ delay, we have PSB varieties:

Garcima, yellow flesh nectarine with big size:

Astoria, low chilling yellow flesh peach:

Amandina, white flesh peach:

And Patagonia, yellow flesh nectarine with good size. To see Patagonia, Have a look at our video on Youtube.

At this moment, other varieties are being harvested in the area of Ceres, province of Western Cape province:

Boreal, white flesh nectarine which is sweet, sub acid, size A-AA and excellent presentation.

Garofa, yellow flesh nectarine which is sweet and has a A-AA size. And Artemis, yellow flesh peach, fully red and very good eating quality.

Baly and Fidji, clingstone peaches with excellent size:

For more information, contact our agent in South Africa Alric Charbit +27 83 725 32 82.