PSB Producción Vegetal SL is a family company created in 1995 by the BUFFAT family, located in MURCIA (southern Spain).

The company specialises in the varietal creation an production of stone fruit, mainly apricots and nectarines.

Sice its creation, PSB has developed a programme of hybridisations and genetic improvement with the main objetive of creating new varieties of peach, nectarine, apricot, flat peach an flat nectarine, adapted to meet new market demands.

Some of the new variety selection criteria include:
Taste, attractive red colour, size, rounded shape, firmness, easier harvesting in the orchards, no problems in handiling the gruit at the packaging facilities, storage an shipment to final markedt destination.

Naturally, production regularity, a factor of economic profit for the producer, is an essential selection criterion for us.

This fundamental phase of evaluation an selection includes more then 100.000 varieties, being carried out at our experimental orchards spread throughout the Region of Murcia (30 ha) and the south of France (10 ha), with the participation of many qualified collaborators.

The best varieties selected are then patented and protected on a European scale by means of a PBR (Plant Breeders´ Right) certificate granted by th CPVO(Community Plant Variety Office).

Our catalogues offer producers an extensive selection of varieties of peach, nectarine, apricot, flat peach and flat nectarine, adapted to their climatee condicions.

PSB has developed genetic programs on early, mid-season and late varieties of peaches, nectarines, apricots and an flat peach currently available in various countries.

The trust shared with numerous producers all over the world is our main motivation to always be one step ahead.

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P.S.B. Produccion Vegetal S.L.
Apdo. de correos Nº3, CP 30.176 Pliego (Murcia) Spain. - Phone: (+34) 868 08 14 19 - Fax: (+34) 968 66 70 34
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